Our Canada Post Plugins for Virtuemart have been used by more than 150 sites across Canada. We have continuously supported shops needing Canada Post parcel rates since Virtuemart 1.1.4 release.

There are two versions of the plugin; Sell Online and Rating.

The Sell Online version uses the old Canada Post XML API and the Rating version uses the current REST API.


Sell Online

  • Requires a Canada Post Sell Online Profile used to configure shipping options
  • Packaging calculation handled by Canada Post using your Profile


Canada Post SellOnline plugin demo for Virtuemart 3

Update: Canada Post is no longer issuing Sell Online Profiles which are needed to use our plugin. Therefore, the plugin has been discontinued.

If you have an existing Sell Online Profile the plugin will continue to work until Canada Post de-commissions the Sell Online API.

Rating (Currently being developed)

  • Requires API credentials
  • Packaging calculation handled by our plugin

 If you are interested in obtaining the plugin or have unique shipping requirements not met with existing plugins please use the contact form to reach us.